Scripture Reading

This week has been pretty rough…
Leo and Josef ended up not getting baptized. Josef was in the middle of his baptismal interview with one of our elders and his mom Reina interrupted it and said no he cant be alone he is too young he cant have a testimony for himself he is too young. And the Rossy (Leos mom) was freaking out because she didn’t want Leo alone in a room with the elder. So they said they cant get baptized anymore and that we are no longer welcome to come over and teach anymore. This was a huge shocker and it came out of no where….its really rough. We know those boys are ready. But that day I read D&C 6 and it was a huge comforter to me. I know that me and Hermana Smith did all we could for them now its in Heavenly Fathers hands. Also we went from having so many progressing investigators to only one now…But we are ready to find more. We got 3 referrals yesterday and 3 news so we are ready to work hard and find the people that are ready to hear the lords gospel. Other than those things ive had a really good learning experience and im so thankful for these bumps in the road. One thing that really stuck out to me this week is the importance of scripture study. It is SOO important. But when we read the scriptures we need to SEARCH the scriptures. They have answers to anything and they can help anyone. They are truly so dear to my heart. Me and my companion have challenged ourselves to have one 15 min personal prayer and one 15 min comp prayer each day. It has been such a huge blessing and we have definitely grown closer to Heavenly Father and been able to receive revelation for our investigators. I am so thankful for prayer and for the answers we receive through it. Heavenly Father really loves each and everyone of us individually so much. I am also so thankful for the gift of tongues and that I am able to speak and understand Spanish so well. Its such a beautiful language. I love being able to communicate with Gods children my brothers and sisters and bring them unto Christ. Our ward is super tiny, but it is full of love. Our bishop is awesome and Is getting the missionary work in our ward rolling. He is really involving the members and helping us out. Well I love you guys and hope to hear from you guys soon! Remember how much Heavenly Father loves you and that the only to have the happiness he wants for you is to follow the example of Jesus Christ always.
Hermana Tousley
p.s my address for letters is 6503 Wanda Lane #3115 Houston, Tx 77069 and for packages is my mission office 602 Eldrige rd Houston, Tx 77074
No pics this week sorry
p.s.s I had a man come up to me this week the conversation began like this:
I couldn’t help but notice that your very very beautiful, whats your nationality? and to make it short it ended like this…..Well I had to ask you never know when a blessing could be walking by. Its was soo funny! How do people k=not know that a missionary is a missionary??

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