I love TEXAS!

I seriously don’t know where to begin, my week has been so awesome. My companion is so sweet and is training me so well. Her name is Hermana Smith. My mission president is so awesome and his family is so sweet! They actually used to live in the Green Valley Stake in Henderson before he got called to be a mission president! I am in the Houston 9 area which is in the Houston East zone. I have not seen one white person yet! Its all mostly Honduranians, Guatemalans, and African Americans. Its really really diverse here. Im in a bike are. Its been pretty fun riding my bike in the pouring rain and constantly being soaked. I thought I was gonna hate it but I love it.
We are teaching these two little boys one of them is Leo and he is 11 and his cousin Josef who is 10. We are also teaching Josefs mom Reina. They are from Honduras. Leo and Josef are getting baptized this weeked!! We are hoping Reina will be ready for this Saturday also, but her problem is she thinks all churches have the right priesthood authority to baptized. We have explained all we can to her, but I guess all that’s left to do is keep praying for her to know the truth.
We are also teaching Alfredo y Margarita. They are from Mexico. Their baptismal date is on November 15th. They are so awesome! We love going to teach them and they are always excited to hear our message. Alfredo is making us elote y pasole on Saturday! im super excited for that.
Those are the main investigators who are progressing fast and approaching their baptismal date besides Litza. She needs to get married before she is baptized but she is waiting for her daughters to come from Honduras to se her get married, we aren’t sure how long that’s gonna take.
I love being on a mission it is already blessing me so much! I love these people and I love the language of Spanish. Everyone is really surprised by how good my Spanish is for how new I am. Im definitely being blessed with the gift of tongues. Texas is so beautiful with green everywhere. Its sooooooo HUMID! and there are tons of bugs. But for some reason I love it? I know I was sent here by Heavenly Father and I know I am doing his work. My purpose finally makes complete sense to me as I am teaching these people that I love. I have definitely become closer to my Savior through this work and I have learned how to truly have love for everyone. As you guys know I am really shy but I really have broken out of my shell and ive been talking to and teaching everyone around me. I did love Mexico but being out here doing the real work is AMAZING! Time is flying and I don’t want it to. But im gonna do the hardest work I can do out here because I know its my Heavenly Fathers will. I love you guys so much and hope everything is going well. Please take care and remember who you are and who you represent. Make Christ the center of everything in your life because he is the reason you are here and can return to God.
Hermana Tousley

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