Email from 9/30/2014

I cannot believe its my last week here in Mexico. Its so crazy how time flies. We actually learned from Elder David A. Bednar that this is the hardest MTC… crazy. The week flies by so fast that i cant remember what happened what day. I leave for Houston on Oct 7th! Ill proby be able to email you guys before then hopefully. Ive been learning so much spanish that its really hard for me to email in english so sorry if i misspell or my grammar is wrong.

The main topic of things i did learn this week was Charity. To some people it is probly just a word. But i learned so much more than that. Charity is a christlike attribute. Charity is the love of Christ.
The real language i am learning here on my mission is the language of love. The language of turning ourselves outwards instead of inwards. An example of this is when Christ was rejected and spit upon and crucified by the people, he still turned outwards and said “Father fogive them for they know not what they do.” Instead of turning inward and thinking about himself and what he was suffering he worried able the people who were doing those things for him. As i am out here on my mission i have realized that change in myself. I am no longer turned inwards. My first thoughts are always for others, at time they may be for myself because i am not perfect but i have noticed the change in me. We should all want to acquire that Christ like attribute and always serve others. Missionary work doesnt stop for me when i get home, ive got lots more work to do when i get home. This is just the beginning…I encourage all of you to have Charity and to  remember all the blessings you have been given.
Another thing that really struck me this week that never has before is all the Joseph Smith suffered.
How could this gospel not be true? What 14 year old boy would stick to a lie and later in life suffer so much pain an affliction for a lie? No one would. He gave his all to the restoration of this church. He did all he could with his heart in the work and i want to be just like him as i do my missionary work.
I love you alll so much and i love hearing from you every week. Dont ever forget how much you are loved and that every soul is great in the eyes of God.
Hermana Tousley

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